Pool Deck Resurfacing



Trueline Construction & Surfacing, Inc. has been resurfacing concrete for over 38 years. We started out resurfacing tennis courts in 1976. It quickly evolved into concrete resurfacing of all kinds, including pool decks, garage floors as well as all interior concrete floors. A tennis court is 7200 square feet and we literally resurfaced thousands of them. That alone amounts to millions of square feet of concrete preparation and coating applications before you add in the thousands of smaller patios, pool decks and interiors. This experience turned out to be invaluable in the learning process needed to get coatings to bond to concrete. As you can see we have a vast amount of experience in the preparation of concrete prior to the coatings application and this is the most important part of a successful coatings job. But as you must know that is only half of the equation. The other half is the final outcome. After the concrete has been properly prepared it becomes an art project. We have spent the last 38 years perfecting this part of the job. So with your imput we will get the result you desire, guaranteed. Concrete can almost always be restored so don’t remove it until you consult with us first. If the concrete is too far gone to restore for whatever reason we will tell you that and can even recommend a good concrete contractor to remove and replace it for you. We look forward to transforming your concrete into something to be proud of, so call us today for a free onsite estimate.